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Welcome to the Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training

The fitness industry is one that is growing rapidly. With people becoming more aware about adapting a healthy lifestyle, there has been an increase in demand for fitness experts and wellness trainers who are well-knowledgeable, and have a holistic approach and understanding about the fitness world.

Additionally, there is a conscious effort amongst the masses to look for a source of guidance and access information on self-fitness.

To cater to this very segment of individuals - experts and enthusiasts alike, The Lexicon Group brings to the fore The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training to teach students curated professional as well as fitness fun-loving courses.

Leaders Speak

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Mr. S. D. Sharma Chairman, The Lexicon Group

Pioneering in the field of academics since 2006, The Lexicon Group is synonymous with success, trust and excellence. Having successfully established our presence in several fields of expertise, we are proud to be a student-centered, innovative, and supportive group of institutions.

We hold our heads high when we say that our students get meaningful real-world experience while studying, and develop the skills and capabilities that employers value to position them strongly for the jobs of the future. Lexicon is not just a group of institutions that impart world-class education, but an experience where everyone associated is part of a dream, a mission to see that we nurture truly great leaders.

The Lexicon Group of Institutes is now akin to pragmatic, industry-focused education, and it attracts the best students. The fact that our graduates work in the best companies in the world is a testament to our exceptionally talented faculty, who instill in each student the ethos of dedication, sincerity, and loyalty, and to all of the corporate leaders who enthusiastically support our quest.

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Mr. Pankaj Sharma President - The Lexicon Group of Institutes and Chairman & MD - Pune Times Mirror, Civic Mirror & MultiFit

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training is an experience in itself; it is all about the arduous journey that every student who comes here must embark on. Through the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training, we acknowledge the dynamics of the fitness industry as we aim to educate students about the nuances of building a career in fitness and becoming wellness propagators.

The fitness industry has seen an immense shift over the past year as the pandemic affected routines and emphasized the need to invest in our wellbeing. During the pandemic, many people have broken old habits and created new ones. One habit that we have seen come into foray for many is physical fitness, which is starting to play a more leading role in people’s lives.

Fitness at its core is all about community and we intend to give our students a platform to embark on a journey of learning wellness and building a career which will strengthen their ties with the communities we serve with an aim of a better future for all.

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Mr. Neeraj Sharma Vice Chairman, The Lexicon Group Director, Pune Times Mirror & Civic Mirror

The year 2020 brought about a lot of changes in the way we eat, think, act and live, but most of all, it brought about a change in the way we treat our minds and bodies.

Not just physical fitness, but nutrition, mental wellness and spiritual training have already become a prime focus for individuals and will continue to do so. And hence, the fitness industry has become one of the richest and most admired career choices amongst the youth of today.

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training offers to become the ‘wellbeing’ brand and provide an opportunity to aspirants keen on building a career in fitness. Throughout the program, the students will enjoy and experience exceptional learning, train with the master trainers of the industry, acquire relevant certifications and have great placement opportunities.

In our endeavor to stay ahead of the curve, we acquired last year, the MultiFit Gym, India’s largest functional fitness and strength training brand. Through MultiFit, students will be groomed to perfection to become skilled and certified fitness professionals.

That’s what sets the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training apart.

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Mr. Nasir Shaikh Group Chief Executive Officer, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit & EduCrack

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training is an ode to the changing landscape of the fitness industry. In every sense, we are living through a ‘transition’ and the fitness trends we knew before the pandemic, do not have a future now. With this venture, we aim to bridge the gap and seek to assist enthusiastic individuals build a strong base for their journey in the fitness industry.

The fitness industry provides work landscapes that are truly one of the most diverse, dynamic, challenging, and evolving workscapes, which means that the talent needs to be equally equipped to thrive in the environment on offer. With a team of experts to mentor and guide you at every step, along with robust learning programs, the aspirants will have an excellent start to the journey of becoming fitness experts.

Our focus is to groom and create ‘specialists’ of the future, and not just ‘generalists’ in fitness. This can be done through developing and polishing mindsets, attitudes and skills giving our students an opportunity to hone themselves. While "execution excellence" is a key talking point, it is also about constantly improving their business acumen, social and networking skills, decision-making, and turning obstacles into opportunities. Through the journey of the students at Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training and beyond that – our Faculty and Leadership is self-driven to invest in our students towards their 360° development. For it is said that ‘Education is the most powerful tool that one can use to change the world.’

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Mr. Fauzan Shaikh Manager - Program Development and Student Acquisition

The fitness industry is one of the most competitive industries globally. An industry that rapidly innovates and reinvents itself employs human resources with unique traits and abilities, assisting professionals of every hue to be absorbed in its growth. In India and across the globe, the industry is on the cusp of breakout growth in the next two decades.

The vision of the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training is to create ‘Fitness Specialists’. Professionals with a passion for fitness, a desire to help others, the desire to work for themselves on their own schedules. Also create work flexibility with a desire to connect with people in their community. Fitness Consultancy is the new career building opportunity.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you on a learning journey at the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training for the various fitness programmes accredited nationally as well as with our international partners. Your industry interface will be further strengthened with our ‘on floor exposure’ and internship opportunities with our fitness partner ‘ MultiFit’, wherein you will not only learn exponentially, but also potentially gain a job offer for the future.

At the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training, we work as hard as you to enhance your academics, communication and attitude to a level befitting a professional career. We look forward to welcoming you to the Lexicon Family, and promise to hold your hand as you set out on the path of success.

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Mr. Pravin Prasad Academic Head

At the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training, our strength lies in translating cutting-edge thinking into the practices that underpin our programmes, allowing organizations to perform at their peak and stay ahead of the competition.

The fitness programmes you study here, as well as all of the materials provided, are created and evaluated by experts with a global vision for teaching and research. It is critical to us that we continue to improve the environmental performance of our operations while also increasing positive action toward a more sustainable future for our students.

As your guide to this fitness school, it is our responsibility to keep the new generation of aspirants up-to-date on industry trends. At the same time, you can be confident that the core will continue unabated! Multi-level interactive learning, extensive networking opportunities, industry monitored mentoring and experiential learning, all of these combined with cutting-edge technology and learning environments will ensure that you are equipped and relevant for years to come.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert through prior learning, or a fitness enthusiast, the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training will continue to invest in its students, faculty and its alumni by having refresher courses, access to content libraries and one-to-one conversations with industry experts. Welcome to a Fitness School that is defined by learning, unlearning and relearning fitness.

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Ms. Shagufta Ashraf Head- Branding & Marketing, The Lexicon Group of Institutes & MultiFit

At The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training, we create an intellectual space for our students, encouraging them to question, explore, experiment, and inspire. I take pride in saying that we provide a contemporary and engaging learning environment for our students. We develop our students to be the best version of themselves and become the resilient, self-aware, ethical leaders that the world needs. We inspire students to enhance not only their own lives but the business community and society as a whole.

The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training aims to bring together committed, cognizant, and empowered individuals who want to change the world. The institute’s curriculum is designed to integrate theory with industrial application required in real-life and this should encourage you, dear student, to move beyond your comfort zone. Consistent, insightful, and encouraging feedback from the faculty and mentors will help you enhance your personal and professional skills. A more versatile and industry-ready ‘You’ will not only place you on a path of continuous growth for life but instill confidence in everything you do.

With my decade-long experience in educational branding, I strongly believe that laying a strong foundation with The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training is the best decision, not just for your academic growth but also for your holistic development. It is our resolve to train you to be a brand in yourself and to develop an authentic leadership style that is uniquely yours. As rightly said by Jeff Bezos, "A reputation is for a person, as a brand is for a company."

Why Us

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Fitness Partner

Our academic partners include the MultiFit chain of gyms as our state-of-the-art training centres.The practical sessions are carried out by MultiFit Master Trainers across multiple locations in Pune to ensure convenient learning outcomes with an opportunity to imbibe the gym ecosystem, all this while you are still a student.

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Australian Lifesaving Academy
(partner Indian Rescue Academy)

Lifesaving Mumbai Training, partner of Indian Rescue Academy (IRA) has vast experience and resources and provides professional training with courses to help people learn modern life saving techniques. It is the leading provider of training in First Aid, Resuscitation, AED, Lifesaving and Life-Guarding skills in India.

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American Council on Exercise (ACE)

The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training is facilitating the delivery of ACE-approved courses and curriculum, preparing professionals on the technical front to take up the examinations by ACE that would certify them as Health and Fitness professionals.

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Vision and Mission

Vision - To be a world-class learning academy offering affordable Fitness Certification programs, along with courses on self fitness, which will motivate, educate and empower individuals to be wellness propagators and fitness entrepreneurs.

Mission - To be the most iconic and scientifically sound educational institute in the field of personal coaching, nutrition and wellness with an immersive curriculum delivered by fitness science experts.

Core Values

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Our Goal

Powered by MultiFit as Fitness Partners and with a vision to create future fitness leaders, the Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness training is conceived. The Institution focuses on training and nurturing youth to have them job ready in the ever evolving fitness and wellness industry.

And if you are a fitness enthusiast, the Academy provides an opportunity to fuel your knowledge in fitness with tailor-made courses, suited for every stratum of society.

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Personalised Training

During the academic journey, the students will learn the nuances of Personal Training, Human & Health Nutrition, Sports and Rehab, Dance Fitness and Strength & Conditioning through face-to-face learning as well as practical sessions in our state-of-the-art Multifit Studio under the guidance of our Master Trainers.

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Flexible Interactions

Our soul lies in our educators, and we are committed to offering the best fitness training in the country. For students outside the city, the interactions and delivery can be completely online with our expert faculty from the comfort of your homes.

Easy Monthly Installments

EASY EMI OPTION: Easy Monthly Installments for a tenure of up to 3 months

Our Faculty

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Pravin Prasad
Academic Head at Lexicon Fitness Academy

Mr. Pravin Prasad is our esteemed faculty member for the Certified Personal Trainer Course. With a distinguished career, he previously served as a subject matter expert at Healthifyme, leveraging technology and innovation in fitness solutions. Additionally, as the academic head at Lexicon Fitness Academy, he played a pivotal role in shaping the curriculum and guiding budding fitness professionals. His vast experience and knowledge in the field promise a comprehensive and in-depth approach to personal training for our students.

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Sunny Gupta
Nutrition Subject Matter Expert, and Corporate Wellness Coach

Mr. Sunny Gupta is the distinguished faculty member for our nutrition module. Renowned as a nutrition subject matter expert, he possesses an intricate understanding of dietetics and nutrition science. Furthermore, his experience as a corporate wellness coach showcases his expertise in promoting holistic health in organisational settings. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, Mr. Gupta brings a comprehensive approach to nutrition education, ensuring our students are equipped with both depth and breadth in the subject.

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Dr. Tapisha Jain
Sports Physiotherapist and Chiropractor

Dr. Tapisha Jain stands as an integral pillar of our faculty team, specialising in the intersections of sports physiotherapy and chiropractic care. With an academic background bolstered by practical experience, she brings a unique blend of understanding to both the structural and functional aspects of the human body. Her expertise spans not only injury prevention and rehabilitation but also optimising athletic performance. Students will greatly benefit from Dr. Jain’s holistic approach, which merges evidence-based physiotherapy techniques with chiropractic adjustments to ensure a thorough understanding of physical wellness in sports and daily life.

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Mr. Abhisekh Bhaduria
Strength and Conditioning Master Coach

Mr. Abhisekh Bhaduria stands out in our faculty lineup, donning the title of Strength and Conditioning Master Coach. With a deep-rooted understanding of biomechanics and sports performance, Mr. Bhaduria has honed his expertise to develop training regimens that not only enhance athletic prowess but also emphasise injury prevention and functional fitness. His methodical and evidence-based approach to conditioning is an invaluable asset to our curriculum. Students will be privy to Mr. Bhaduria’s comprehensive knowledge, ensuring they are well-prepared to craft optimal training programmes for diverse clientele.

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